David Hutchings came out to Arizona in 1994 and fell in love, with the State of Arizona. He loved the people, the landscape and the climate drew him right in. He bought a house in Arizona a year after that first visit as an investment with the dream of someday moving here and living in it himself and leaving the snow shovel far behind.

David was already a police officer back home in the Northeast and wanted to see his career through. After 22 years of law enforcement he retired as a detective.

In 2011 at this point in his life he decided it was time to move west. The big Massachusetts Colonial style house was sold and he, his wife and their 4 year old son moved across the country and moved into the house he had purchased so many years before. After having worked so many long hours and so many nights, weekends, and holidays Dave decided he’d open his own business so he could be a good husband and father and have a flexible schedule so he could be around more. Don’t worry, David still works nights, weekends and holidays at your service but not as many so he doesn’t miss all those t-ball games, holiday dinners and those first moments and memories that are so important to families and such a big part of being a dad.

David not only owns and operates Thin Blue Line Car Service but he is also an Arizona Licensed Private Investigator. He just couldn’t leave all his roots behind and still enjoys getting in the mix and helping people in that field. His experience as a Police Officer, Detective, SWAT team member, Hostage Negotiator, Peer Support Team member, Federal Task Force Agent, Presidential Protection Detail member and Instructor at the Police Academy makes him an asset to his clients. David has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and has completed 27 courses in areas such as witness protection, stress trauma and coping, anti-terrorism, defensive driving, highway and airport interdiction, SWAT tactics, interview & interrogation, hostage negotiations, grant writing, CPR and once trained the Swiss Police.

Along with his extensive work experience and education he also has vast life experience and has always had a passion for travel, the outdoors, good food and quality conversation or a healthy debate. Overall, David is a simple guy who enjoys driving his clients, meeting new people and learning new things about the State of Arizona.

You are guaranteed to enjoy a stress-free, comfortable trip! David takes pride in his reputation and you can rest assured he will be on time and you will sit back, relax and know that you are in good hands.

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