Taxi Cab FAQs

There are a number of frequently asked questions pertaining to taxi cabs and this section is designed to aid in the answering of those questions. Whether or not the driver is allowed to speed, transport hazardous materials or if customer information is kept confidential is something that all passengers in a taxi wonder about.

Q: Can Taxi’s Speed?

A: No, a taxi cab may not speed under normal circumstances. Taxi cab drivers are required to obey all traffic laws. In the case of an emergency they may however, at the driver’s discretion, turn on their hazard lights and transport passengers to the nearest hospital provided there are no emergency personnel close enough to transport the person/persons.

Obeying the posted speed limits keeps passengers and passersby safer while reducing the chances of getting in an accident while in the taxi. All traffic signs, signals and laws are to be followed while operating the taxi cab. The driver is required to take the road and weather conditions into consideration to ensure that the safest operation of the vehicle is carried out.

Q: Can We Transport Hazardous Cargo?

A: Taxi cabs cannot transport hazardous cargo. There are special licenses and permits required in order to transport hazardous materials in addition to the materials requiring proper containment that a taxi cab cannot accommodate. It is important to tell the taxi of any materials that might be questionable so they can make an educated decision as to whether or not to allow you to transport the material in their vehicle.

Q: Do I need to inform you if I am carrying a weapon?

A: Yes, the company and the driver of the taxi cab would need to know if you are armed. There are sometimes special rules and regulations surrounding the carrying of concealed weapons. There are some taxi drivers that require weapons to be put into a storage box and left in the trunk for the duration of the ride and others will allow you to keep it on your person.

Q: Do they background check taxi drivers?

A: The driving record of taxi drivers are checked to ensure passenger safety. A full background check depends on the company. The larger the company the more likely a full background check was performed. Drivers are required to past minimum training to ensure that they are able to safely operate a motor vehicle and deal adequately with passengers and their request. The knowledge of the service area, classroom and on road performance are tested to ensure quality service is performed. The past work history is checked to ensure a clean driving record. Taxi cab drivers are also required to past drug screenings.

Q: Is Your Customer Data Confidential?
A: All customer data remains confidential. Credit card numbers, addresses and destinations of passengers are not given out. Written permission has to be obtained from the customer in order to give out their information otherwise a court order has to be presented to the company before information is given out.