Affordable Transportation While
Your Car Is In The Shop

Transportation Options During Vehicle Repair

Major repairs to your vehicle not only cost money, but they also leave you without reliable transportation. There are many options for replacement vehicles, assuming you do not have a second vehicle, but these can be costly also, so here is some research to help you make an informed decision.

Engine repair, transmission replacement, or custom fabrication can take upwards of 2 weeks to complete, depending on the depth of the problem. Most mechanics in Arizona will tell you to plan on at least 10 days for each of these major repairs. If you can plan ahead and the transmission or engine repair is not an emergency you will be able to save some money on temporary transportation; however, most of us do not take vacation time around repairing our vehicle.

Transmission repair involves removing the entire unit and replacing, rebuilding or repairing rings, belts, pulleys, and gears depending on your vehicle type. If the bell housing is cracked, and that is what caused the need for repair, it will have to be replaced also. Specialists for such are well versed in the specific needs and making such repairs, but it is time consuming no matter the problem.

Engine repair can be simple or complex and demands diagnosis before beginning repairs. If the problem is not properly investigated then the real reason for repair may be masked. It is important that you give your mechanic time to properly check the entire engine before making repairs so you do not end up back in the shop. Again, the details take time; expect to find an alternate means of transport.

Custom fabrications can be the most time consuming of all vehicle needs simply because they are custom. Each one will be unique to the vehicle and the owner and therefore will be time consuming. Some custom jobs can take months, but usually you would have a second vehicle to drive in that situation.

Should you be in an accident that causes the need for your custom fabrication to be repaired, usually an insurance company will provide a rental car. If you have no rental coverage or the person that caused the accident is uninsured you will need to find another mode of transport. Rentals can cost over 200 dollars for a weekly rate, so maybe you want to consider a personal driver.

If you can plan your route and needs ahead you may be able to use a personal driver and be more cost effective than a rental. Some driver services offer discounts on pre-ordered rides, and will give military or senior citizen considerations, so it may be quite cost effective. All of these are good ways to save money and fuel costs spent for a rental vehicle.

Research your area for taxis and personal drivers, along with chauffeur services and couriers. Many options are available as long as you know where to look. You may also be in an area where personal shoppers and the like are prevalent. You many never need to leave the house while your vehicle is repaired if you can find a personal delivery service.

Always leave your online options open too. Shopping, bill pay, and work can all be done from home, so weigh your need to leave home, with the cost you will incur, and you may find the internet to be very beneficial.

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